A 360 Dev Studio

*** NOTE : A360 Dev Studio is no longer active, MVT’s work with immersive media continues. For inquiries email :

designed & built by Mojo Video Tech Inc

A 360 Dev Studio is a VR production studio and experiential research facility ideally suited for the development and presentation of 360º interactive media. The studio’s immersive environment features seamless projections and multi-channel audio. Images wrap around the walls and floor with the correct 3D perspective of the viewer standing in the center of the room, providing a convincing illusion of depth perception and presence inside the projected scene…

This is VR without the headset.

The core of the system is a custom media server capable of realtime geometry correction / coordinate transformations utilizing GPU optimized shader code. A wide range spatial of media assets be displayed directly (without pre-processing / re-rendering), including 360º photos / video, Unity game engine output and generative graphics. Interactivity is possible via wireless motion controller, depth sensor, IR camera, audio analysis etc.. Technical specifications and 3d models of the projection surface are available upon request.

A 360 Dev Studio is now ready to host your project or event. Here are some of the types clients that will best utilize our facility :

 360º / panoramic content creators  immersive media artists
 VR / AR / MR developers  interactive technology R&D
 music, fashion & film directors  experiential marketing agencies


A 360 dev studio designed & built by #MojoVideoTech is an #immersive #projection environment for the development and presentation of #360 #panoramic #VR #AR #interactive experimental media

Posted by Vj DoctorMojo on Saturday, June 18, 2016