Ben Lear's LILLIAN : A Folk Opera

Described by The LA Times as an “edgy, experimental folk-opera blending acoustic guitar songs with percussive chamber and orchestral music,” Ben Lear‘s Lillian tells the story of a young man kept awake by the fear that everything he’s ever lost, including the girl, who sleeps by his side, is drifting away to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And so, in an effort to reclaim these things, he must embark on a scuba diving journey and into a swell of events he could never have imagined. MVT has acted as video director for live performances of the project since it’s inception nearly two years ago. The most recent production at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC included 20 musicians, a gospel choir, new costume design, LED sculpture set pieces and video projection.

Below is an animation sequence which appeared in the show, produced at the MVT studio. The images and rotoscoped animations were initially created by Jisoo Kim for a music video of the title track. At the direction of Mr. Lear the content was re-edited to accompany an extended instrumental section in the live show. Working with the original After Effects projects as a starting point, MVT re-timed each individual scene, built several new ones (transitional POV sections) and edited the final sequence to be synced with the score.