Electric Zoo Festival 2011

On Labor Day weekend 100,000 electronic music fans gathered on Randall’s Island for NYC’s premier electronic music event; the 3rd annual Electric Zoo festival. The three day festival featured 100 DJ’s performing on four stages, and included extensive lighting and video production. In addition to massive LED walls, two of the stages also incorporated a projection element. MVT was contracted to act as technical consultant and projectionist by the production design company StarLight Visuals.

The ‘Sunday School’ stage included a standard video projection which supplemented the mood of the lighting and highlighted the geometry of the large polygon set pieces. A Grand MA console operated the lighting as well as controlling the M-Box media servers which provided the video content for LEDs and projection.

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The ‘Riverside’ stage sponsored by RedBull featured a totally unique design concept which seamlessly merges high powered video projection and LED display technology. Utilizing the recently popularized technique of projection mapping and combining it with the pixel mapping capabilities of the Hippotizer HD media server, a system was created to apply multi-layered video images to a large scale 3D screen/display/structure. The challenges involved in executing this project were many, MVT is grateful to have been chosen as a member of the team which developed this ground-breaking technique.

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SLV hired MVT as an independent contractorPRG-Nocture provided all video production servicesVideo content created by Skitch TVAmazing Industries : video / lighting directionGreen Hippo : 3D modeling/Pixel Mapping Projectors by Barco