(Mostly) Corporate Jobs Recap - 2012.06

A very busy month to close out the second quarter of 2012, here’s the rundown with photos for each job :

date: 2012.06.3+4 event: Whole Life Health Symposium
client: California Walnut Board
venue: Hilton, NYC
hired by: C4 Studios
role: Projectionist / Video Tech / Playback


date: 2012.06.13 event: corporate luncheon / presentation
client: Riverstone Holdings
venue: Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center
hired by: Scharff Weisberg
role: Video Tech / Projectionist


date: 2012.06.14 event: product launch
client: Breguet
venue: USS Intrepid Museum
hired by: Worldstage
role: Video Tech / Playback


date: 2012.06.26 event: Innovation Forum 2012
client: Rockefeller Foundation
venue: Skylight Studio, NYC
hired by: Worldstage
role: Projectionist / Playback


date: 2012.06.30 event: Jesus Culture Conference NY 2012
client: Mid Atlantic Sound Inc
venue: Nassau Coliseum
hired by: Worldstage
role: Projectionist