Production Reel - The DEAD Tour 2004

In the Summer of 2004 the surviving members of the Grateful Dead fired up the old touring machine and traveled to 27 US cities, performing 35 concerts as simply : ‘The DEAD’.  As their lighting designer for nearly 30 years, Candace Brightman consistently brought a level of intensity to the visual elements of each show, keeping pace with the band’s musical explorations. Seeking to incorporate video projections of a high caliber, she found the perfect match to be Doctor Mojo, an artist with a psychedelic style who was also a long time fan of the band. Mojo was hired as FOH Video Engineer / Content Designer / Technician / VJ and working closely with Ms. Brightman, created the video content which was mixed live at each performance. It was on this tour that Mojo Video Tech developed a unique image montage technique and custom projection rig, subsequently used on other touring concert productions such as Donna Summer.

[vimeo clip_id=”18701195″ height=”288″ width=”384″]