Projection mapping Madison Square Garden

Located in the heart of New York City, Madison Square Garden is the world’s most famous arena, and a favorite venue for many touring acts. The band Phoenix wanted to give their New York fans something special; video projections mapped onto the ceiling of the Garden. Bart Kresa was contracted by the band to design the installation and assemble a team that could execute this challenging project. Mojo Video Tech was chosen to lead that team as technical director / projectionist / video tech along with logistical support / production management by SenovvA.

With a diameter of 200′, full coverage of the projected area required a 9 mega-pixel master frame measuring 3000×3000 pixels. Mapping the circular image to the architecture was accomplished with the Dataton Watchout system. Playback from the media servers fed six double stacks of Barco FLM-R22+ projectors, provided by Video Equipment Rentals, the combined brightness totaling over a quarter million lumens.

Among the many difficulties to be overcome was the problem of accurately positioning the projector stacks in a nearly vertical configuration. Weighing in at 220lbs each, the projectors were first stacked on a custom build frame, designed by MVT, and then cantilevered into place to match the 104º pitch of the Garden’s roofing structure.

SenovvA : executive producer, hired MVT as independent contractor VER : primary vendor, provided projector packageDataton WATCHOUT multi-display softwareprojectors by Barco