Tech for Clint Holmes at Flat Rock Playhouse

Best known for his #2 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart “Playground In My Mind” in 1973, singer-songwriter and Las Vegas entertainer Clint Holmes will star in a new touring production this year. The show’s autobiographical theme is brought to life by a number of video elements created by projection designer Sven Ortel. The venue chosen for the tech / rehearsals was the  Flat Rock Playhouse, the official state theater of North Carolina. The set featured sliding panels that acted as projection surfaces and a custom designed ‘fog screen’. The Barco RLM R-6+ projectors were provided by Scharff Weisberg and Mojo Video Tech was contracted as the projectionist to handle the complexities of rigging / edge-blending / geometry and color correction, as well as assist in the management of the Dataton Watchout media server system.

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Scharff Weisberg supplied the video package Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display softwareprojectors by Barco